Why am I here and what will you find? 

Quite simply, this is my little hub of memories – a place to save and share the things I love; the things which inspire and move me or that make me laugh and smile. There will be everyday things but also music (lots and lots of music) poems and aphorisms, books, memories, family and friends and perhaps something that you who may not know me might find curious or of interest. Let’s wait and see. 

In the real world I work as a consultant advising corporates on arts sponsorship strategy and cultural institutions on major fundraising campaigns. But this is not a professional blog – I have nothing to sell here but knowing what I do might illuminate some of what you find here. 

Feel free to leave feedback or to get in touch and leave posts and links to things you want to share with me – it’s why I’m here. 

One thought on “Why

  1. personae – shadow – anima – wise old man, any one of these unconscious components of your psychology can be present in consciousness, according to circumstances, and you are fortunate if you can differentiate them as being autonomously you.


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