Bach’s Secret Messages

Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin have always been miraculous. This year’s recording by the young German violinist Isabelle Faust is an absolute revelation and one of the finest I’ve heard. Below is a clip from youtube. It’s not the finest on the disc but there are only two on the site. Whilst listening to it you should read the article at the link below the video.

The link takes you to the, ‘Music, Mind, Spirit’ website. This is a music retreat and charitable trust that examines the impact of music on our emotions, well-being and development. I’ve never visited but have always been fascinated at the power of music to move us so profoundly. The article investigates the secret codes or messages that Bach may (or may not according to how sceptical you are) have hidden in his music. Whether utter bunkum or not – it makes for intriguing reading, especially when listening to the very works that are meant to contain these bedrocks of faith.

Enjoy finding the codes amongst the notes…

Here’s the article on Bach’s secret code (an embedded recording starts to play automatically so if you are listening to the video above you’ll need to stop the embedded clip on the page)

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