Codes in the Clouds

Yesterday I bought a raft of new music from the record label, Erased Tapes. It was discovering this label that helped to inspire this blog. Hearing the music the label puts out for the first time just made me want to rush out and tell everyone about it, “listen to this!” I wanted to cry. “Isn’t it beautiful…” And so this blog was born. And now, here I am again saying the same thing.

It’s difficult to convey the impact some of this wonderfully crafted and curated label’s music has had on me. It goes with me everywhere. It has, almost literally, soundtracked quite a large proportion of my daily travels. And that’s quite fitting because some call much of the label’s output, “cinematic music”. And yet it’s wonderfully free of the restraints that traditional cinematic music or soundtracks can have; with their pre-determined narrative and structure which become indelibly glued to them. With this music you are free to create your own narrative, your own soundtrack, your own story.

One of my favourite bands on the label is, Codes in the Clouds.  I plug myself into their world of roaring highs and simmering lows and just for those few snatched moments on the way to work or after a long day as I make my way home, I dream…

Play track: Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape (feat. Paul Mullen)

Play track: Distant Street Lights (iambic remix)

Play track: We Anchor In Hope (Tom Hodge remix)

You can buy the album these tracks feature on by clicking: this link

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