Sigur Rós – INNI

At last. Something new on the horizon from Sigur Rós. Last week the band released a teaser trailer (see below) for something called, INNI.

Today it was revealed that INNI is going to be, apparently, the definitive Sigur Rós live experience. Which is essentially a live performance film and a double album. Whilst it’s a shame that there’s no new material (the band have been on “indefinite hiatus” since 2008) any news of a release by the band is enough to perk my day up considerably.

A large proportion of the film is live footage from their concert at Alexandra Palace in 2008 and was shot by the director Vincent Morisset, who made the Arcade Fire documentary, Miroir Noir.

Here is the teaser trailer and some of the original footage shot by Morisset. It’s pretty damn good and I bet will be absolutely amazing on a big screen with surround sound washing over you. For further details on the forthcoming release just click: here. The film and album are out in November.

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