Zoë Keating – Voice of the Cello

The cello. One of my favourite instruments. It is said that it is the one which most resembles the human voice. Perhaps that accounts for how emotive and haunting it can be to listen to.

Zoë Keating is an incredible cellist. Classically trained from an early age she actually cut her teeth playing with a variety of rock bands  but is now regarded as a one-woman orchestra thanks to her use of sampling technology. She samples her playing and solo performances to create multiple layers and textures of sound and the results are often quite stunning and sublime.

She takes, as she says, a “label-less” approach to releasing her music and does so via Bandcamp (the site I talked about in my previous post). Although you can buy her CDs from amazon and itunes as well. Below is a track from her first EP, One Cello x16 and her latest album, Into The Trees. They’re both fantastic.
If you love what you hear, I urge you to click on the links and buy a copy so that she can keep making beautiful music. I think she’s an amazing talent.


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