The not-happening was so sudden
that I stayed there for ever,
without knowing, without their knowing me,
as if I was under a chair,
as if I was lost in the night –
so was that which was not,
and so I have stayed since.

I asked the others after,
the women and the men,
what they were doing with such confidence
and how they had learned their living;
they did not actually answer,
they went on dancing and living,

It is what has not happened to one
that determines the silence,
and I don’t want to go on speaking
because I stayed there waiting;
in that place and on that day
I have no idea what happened
but now I am not the same.

– Pablo Neruda

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Hello sweet soul. My sister picked this Neruda poem for her memorial card. She died at the tender age of 59 in 2005. The not happening was so sudden….

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