I try to buy thoughtful presents.
When people express preferences
I remember them. Sometimes yes
I go over the top because I like to give.
People may find this extravagant
and alarming. I do not mean it.
If I had to correct your pronunciation
I would find a joking way to do it.
You would barely notice it.
Or I would incorporate the word
into a sentence of my own, correctly,
and leave it up to you.
I try to bring people in from the sidelines.
Animals tend to like me.
Once a blind dog nosed my thigh
and rested the length of its jaw in my palm.
I can tolerate long stretches alone.
I think there is strength in kindness.
If ever you are shivering, I will give you my coat.
I will push my coat around your juddering shoulders
and I will kiss your hands.
I will hold your hands in my hands.
I do not want to let them go.

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