Sleepy Music

Sleep, as those of you who know me well will be aware, has been an area of particular interest to me for some time.  And no that’s not because my favourite pastime is snoozing or napping!  I can’t believe I’m actually writing that sleep is an, “area of interest.” Area of interest?!  Why don’t I just say that I suffered badly from insomnia and so the subject holds a weird fascination for me?  Oh.  I just did.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the Erased Tapes label posted a link on their Twitter stream to a new recording by Peter Broderick who is on their label and is the most fantastic musician making some utterly beguiling music.  Now Peter has released a recording on another label.  A label that specialises in music to sleep to!  How brilliant is that!  Well, I think it is.  I’d never come across that before.  And if you think it’s as intriguing as me and quite fancy a little snooze in the near future then below you’ll find the perfect sleepy music – just click play. Oh and below the track there’s  a link to the label, which is brilliantly homespun and as much of a labour as love as Erased Tapes is.

Maybe, just maybe, the soothing tones below will calm those nerves after a busy week at the grindstone.  If not – there’s always vodka

Link to label:

3 thoughts on “Sleepy Music

  1. As someone who has had a love/hate relationship with finding sleep for many years, this post really spoke to me. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep is elusive to me most of the time…I can’t settle down my mind enough to sleep deep. Probably not that uncommon among us creatives. Over time, I have learned to simply not fight it and to enjoy the quiet of the night…(looking for silver linings;) Will absolutely give this label a try….Thank You… for a great post and fascinating resource….xo

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