Peter Broderick – And it’s Alright

So last Friday I posted some music to sleep to by the remarkable musician Peter Broderick and I thought this Monday I’d cover a little more of his music because it’s definitely worth hearing more of.  Hailing from the US but now living and recording in Copenhagen (or Berlin – accounts seem to differ on where he actually is but location’s not all that important really is it.  So I’m not sure why I even mentioned it except it seemed a good intro at the time.)  Anyway, this ferociously talented musician is only 21.  21!  And yet his music belies any age; its seemingly effortless simplicity masking a deeply complex and evocative body of work that is well worth seeking out.

I think ‘And it’s Alright’ is one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard recently – it’s like a big hug.

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