Music Monday III

The third music monday – my how time flies.  Not had much of that over the past few days to post more bits and pieces what with Christmas looming ever closer.  I promised that my next post music-wise would be a little livelier than has been my wont to pop up here of late and so this time I’m posting about a guy who has been getting a lot of praise on various blogs and websites over the past few months and deservedly so.

His name’s Dayve Hawke who, like Goldmund (see the last post) records under a variety of monikers.  His latest album is an amalgamation of two different personas – ‘Weird Tapes’ (electro infused dance) and ‘Memory Cassette’ (more electro but slightly more whimsical) to produce ‘Memory Tapes’, which is rather apt for this blog I think.
The album, called ‘Seek Magic’, is available on limited edition exclusively at Rough Trade in London – the link (as always) is below.  They say this album sounds like “Cocteau Twins, New Order and My Bloody Valentine” which, apart from the My Bloody Valentine reference (which I can’t hear) is a neat summation of sorts – what it definitely is is brilliantly original woozy synth pop.  And I hope you like it just as much as I do!

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