The Malady of Elegance

I found another gorgeous album by an artist I hadn’t heard of before this week – a musician called Keith Kenniff who records under a variety of pseudonyms including ‘Goldmund’ and ‘Helios.’ The album below (embedding a whole album here – if it works!) is his second under the name Goldmund for the Type A record label. It’s a lovely piece of work – beautifully meditative and brilliantly recorded (I love the fact that you can hear the subtle beat of the piano pedals and the hammers striking the strings before the note sounds – it makes you feel as though you’re in the room.) The second track, ‘In A Notebook’ is just sublime and it’s one I’m finding myself returning to late in the evening many times.

Normally I’d post this kind of music on a Friday evening for chilling to at the end of a busy week but I’m off tomorrow so here it is a day early. It’s getting kind of reflective in here music-wise so my next music post will be something a little more up-tempo. Hope you enjoy this little slice of pianistic heaven as much as I did – especially ‘In A Notebook.’ Let me know what you think…

You can buy the album on CD here:

One thought on “The Malady of Elegance

  1. I am painting as I’m listening….it’s perfect. But I could just as easily listen & fall off to sleep. Good for the soul….and gorgeous indeed.

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