Bonobo – Black Sands Remixed

Simon Green (aka Bonobo) released an album in 2010 called Black Sands; it was a magnificent piece of work and widely acclaimed. Trip hop at its finest. It was inevitable then that a remix album would follow. And here it is. And it is a truly superb album. Anyone with even the remotest interest in multi-layered, hugely atmospheric soundscapes has got to get their hands on this.  It’s trip hop and dubstep all mixed and mashed with some wonderfully jazz/electro moments – the whole kit and caboodle of electronic music.

There are several standout tracks by some seriously talented producers here. Google the album and you’ll find some good, solid reviews. For me, the tracks that immediately lift this album far and above the parapets of its peers are these:

The album is out on Monday. And you can grab a copy here

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