Rachel Sermanni – Black Currents EP

This must be one of the most beautiful EP’s I’ve heard since Valentina’s gorgeous Weights EP was released last May.

Sermanni hails from the Highlands of Scotland, which immediately gives you an indication of what style her music will be. We’re talking folk of the most haunting kind here. Anticipation around her debut release (although this isn’t strictly speaking her debut as she put out a very limited cd last year on a small imprint) has been building for a while – albeit under the mainstream radar.

Black Currents holds just four songs but each one is perfectly balanced and her voice is almost heartbreakingly lovely. It’s one of those records you put on, lie back, completely lose yourself in and don’t want to end.

Here is one of the tracks and a link to buy the EP is below…

Buy it from Rough Trade: here 

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